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TTC Success Stories - Book 2
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Hi ladies!

I wanted to make sure you had my details. To start with, this was my 7th cycle. I stopped BCP at the end of November and we started ttcing January. I think it took my body at least 4 months to finally become normal. It took me about 5-6 cycles to figure out CP/CM. LOL!

My temps were so erratic this cycle so I hope my information gives you hope! My cycles are usually anywhere from 26 30 days. When I had brown spotting on cd27/28, I thought for sure that AF was on her way! I typically have spotting prior to AF making her way thru my front door.

Anyhow, what I did differently this cycle was take prescription pre-natal vitamins. I was also on antibiotics for a suspected infection from cd 3-cd10 and didnt take the vitex and EPO during that time either. I started the vitex and EPO from cd11 cd14. Because of an hsg done on cd11, I didnt notice any CM/EWCM because of the dye that kept leaking out until cd 16. (Needless to say, I didnt realize it was dye until cd16.) I did test + with an OPK on cd11 so I tried to BD as much as possible even though I just had the procedure done. I have to admit that I didnt really check CP much after cd15. I was convinced that this cycle was messed up because of the hsg being so close to ovulation! I believed that those little sperm wouldnt be able to live in the dye to make their way up to fertilize the egg.

As you can see below, my temps were very erratic, I didnt really have hope that I was pg until cd27 when my temp was 98.7 the highest ever. But when the temp went plummenting down on cd28, I thought I was doomed thats why I was so hesitant in taking an hpt until well after cd32.

I really didnt have any AF/pg symptoms except for sore boobs at night while sleeping around cd24. Prior to being on BCP, I would have sore boobs but no soreness in recent times.

From cd 1-4 AF was mean as can be!
Cd 5 97.8 BD
cd 6 97.9
cd 7 97.9
cd 8 97.3
cd 9 97.7
cd 10 97.7
cd11 97.3 hsg done/ +OPK/BD
cd12 97.4 BD
cd 13 97.7 BD
cd 14 97.7
cd 15 97.8
cd 16 98.2
cd 17 98.2
cd 18 97.9 implantation dip? Little spot of blood in
cd 19 98.5 BD
cd 20 98.1
cd21 97.7
cd22 ?
cd 23 98.6
cd 24 98.1 sore boobs started while sleeping
cd 25 98.4
cd 26 98.6
cd 27 98.7 brown spot
cd 28 98.1 brown spot
cd 29 97.9
cd 30 98.0
cd 31 98.7
cd 32 98.8
cd 33 98.7 faint +++ HPT on Confirm
cd34 ? definite ++++ HPT on Confirm

OK ladies, I couldn't wait until Monday...

Posted By: Lisa F~ 12dpo, 8dp transfer

I used one of the store hpt's this morning and got a VERY VERY VERY faint line. I thought I was seeing things!! I couldn't believe it, but there it was! Almost plain as day!

I called the clinic & they had me go in for a beta test. They called this afternoon & it came back ++!! The numbers were low, 16, but it's still ++! But she said that since I'm only 8dp transfer, that number was right on target. Also, my progesterone is up to 16 from 12.4 on Friday. I'm still in a state of shock. I don't think it'll be real until I go back in Monday for another beta. She said the numbers should about double, so we'll see.

DH had a grin for a mile!! I went to his work to tell him in person, and he just smiled!! We went to lunch and I couldn't stop smiling at him! :)

I don't really have many details since I haven't tempted in a couple of months, and we did an IVF cycle using frozen embryos from the first cycle. We transferred 2 embryos, so it'll be great to see how many we have. I'm tingly all over!! (OK, just my boobs, but I hear that's a GOOD sign! LOL)

I wish everyone the best luck in reaching their goals. It's been a very long road for us, and we've done a lot to get here, but the day finally came. {{Somebody *PINCH* me!!}}

My love to all, Lisa F~ :8 ^)
Elders RULE!!!

Posted By: Bianca

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm 15 weeks pregnant, I didn't want to say anything till I was past the first trimester because last time I told everyone too soon and I lost it.

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know and tell you guys when people say just don't think about it and it will happen , well I really think that's true because both times I got pregnant there was other big things going on in my life , changing jobs ect. that I just didn't think about getting pregant all day and night , and it really worked !!! I got pregnant without even trying. I mean I still charted and everything I just didn't sit every day staring at my chart to figure out if I ovulated yet and when we should do it, I just wrote down my temp and didn't even pay attention and had sex whenever and it worked.

Well Good luck to all of you.

I hope it will happen for you soon +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Posted By: KathyM EDD 04/02
Here are my details and symptoms.....
I had a long cycle this month... Finally O'd on cd26 after 7 days of EW!! I really didn't even realize I had O'd until the day after! We had been dtd for 2 weeks and I still had not O'd and I just kept haveing EW so I gave up and just figured it was going to be an anovulatory one... Well, day 25 I didn't even check cm since we had not even been together for 5 days. I checked that evening and had the best cm ever! I check cm internally so (a little graphic) when I pulled my finger out the cm flung out like 6" and slapped back on my finger without breaking!!! So we dtd even though I thought it was useless.... I did not stay laying down ever 5 min after either! The next morning I didn't even temp I was so sure the cycle was a bust, my ewcm was practically gone too!!! I didn't realize till the next day that I was now bone dry and my temp did rise a tiny bit on cd27 (I have a slow rise)!!
We did use EPO for the first time this month from cd 19 - 26, 1300mg 2x per day and B6 100mg until I got my dark + yesterday. Here are my temps starting at cd 20
d20 97.4 EW dtd
d21 97.7 EW
d22 97.6 EW
d23 97.6 EW
d24 97.7 EW
d25 97.3 killer EW dtd (O dip, unusual for me)
d26 ---- sm amount EW in AM dry in PM
1dpo 97.9 dry, firm low cp, slow rise, cl 97.8
2dpo 98.2
3dpo 98.3
4dpo 98.4
5dpo 98.5 (yeast infection YUCK!)
6dpo 98.3 (implantation dip?)
7dpo 98.7 (begining of triphasic temps)
8dpo 98.7
9dpo 98.7
10dpo 98.8 faint + after hour w/aimstick
11dpo 99.0
12dpo 98.0 faint + after 1.5 min w/aimstick (TTC Store brand)
13dpo 99.0 DARK + after 1 min with selfcare
14dpo 99.0 (today)

So my symptoms are as follows....

5dpo - got a yeastinfection (don't know if symptom or what, but I DID treat it so DON'T suffer ladies!)
6dpo - strange looking dip in temps
7dpo - went triphasic first time ever, already sore nips got more sore and felt tiny bit of nausea

10dpo - temp rose more, nips got more sore, cramps like AF but way too soon, faint +, breasts started to
get sharp acheing pains, bad gas in pm (DonnaB swears this is a sign!)
12dpo - temp always drops toward cl in prep for AF, instead rose again! breasts and nips more sore, another faint +, sick to stomach in am
13dpo - breasts REAL sore, still cramping mildly, dark +, vomited in pm
14dpo - all of the above so far but no vomiting (thankfully)this is the last day of my longest lp but temp is always at cl and spot is here... NADA!!

Well, that was long but i hope it helps you ladies with your obsession!!!! LOL! Also, my cm is yellowish and creamy, cervix is high but firm. this was my first month trying for #3 and I am SO lucky but we did go through 14 months and loads of fertility tests for #2, #1 was a wonderful surprise!! We were diagnosed w/low sperm count and occasional progesterone probs. Were told after 7m of trying for #2 that we would need help and #1 was a "fluke"! So don't give up hope! It can happen even if you think its a bust and don't do anything!!!!!


Details, as reqested :)
Posted By: KarenK

My temps were pretty steady and low until o, and then it jumped around .2 C the day after. Like I said, I started spotting at 3dpo and went to my doctor. He did a blood test at 6dpo and it came back negative. I continued having brown CM until 9dpo. At 12dpo I decided to take my temp and it was still high, so I decided to test and got a very faint line. Today still no AF and re-tested...got a very strong positive.

This month I drank green tea every morning, and made sure I had an orgasm right after dh did. I also elevated my hips for 20 minutes after BDing.

I do not have tender swollen breasts, and I'm not experiencing nausea. I am urinating more, but not a dramatic difference. I am craving cheese for some strange reason.

That's about it..hope it helped!

EDD 02/29

I should write a book:

HOW ROBITUSSIN WORKED FOR ME!!!!! I got up this morning at 4:00am and told myself if my temp is above 98.2 I'd go ahead and test. Im on dpo 13.Well it was 98.4 (i think). I took the test didn't see anything and told myself I was imagining things again and went back to bed. Got up to go pee at 6am and took the Confirm pg test and looked at it again and seen the line. A faint line but ITS A LINE. My dh was going to the store for ice and I caught him pulling out of the drive and I started waving the test above my head and making the fat stomach signs. He yelled "Did you take the test!" "YES" He just smiled. I guess all my unusual hunger wasn't all in my head. I'm still in shock.... :)

PG dust to all *.*.*.*.*.*.*.* and X X X X 's

I thought I would forward a little blurb that might help all the TTC women. I wasn't sure how to post it on the "Pregnancy Symptoms" area so I am sending it to you. Thanks!

"I thought this month was a write-off since we only bd once (on day 16) before I o'd on day 17. We took a week off at 7dpo and also moved homes at the same time so my mind was on other things (for a change). At 10dpo, I started cramping (similar to AF). At 12-14dpo I had implantation spotting, but I misinterpreted the sign and thought it was the end of my cycle with AF about to arrive at any moment. What I should have realized was my LP (luteal phase) is always 12/13 dpo! I tested the morning of 14dpo and got a +! By 13dpo my bbs were tender and by 14dpo they were very "tingly".

Looking back the only other 2 symptoms I had (and I'm not sure if this was a symptom or not) was all-over itching at 12/13dpo and some "fluttering" in my lower abdomen that came and went at around 13/14dpo. My temperatures were never really that high. In fact they hovered only 1/10 above my coverline until 8dpo, and even now (at 18dpo) they are steady at 36.9C (only 4/10 above my coverline).

Hope the above helps some of you ladies. +++++++++

Dust to you all!!!!!!

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