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Posted By: CT 4th cycle of clomid and
got my Christmas present early,
my present should arrive 12-16-00!!!!!!
Well I have been to the DR and it is offical
I am pregnant at the young age of 38.
I want to thank everyone here. I don't think
I would be pregnant today if it weren't for this site.
I learned so much and gotten the will to keep trying.
We were about to give up.
We have not used BC for 5 years and been charting
for 20 cycles and 4 rounds of clomid.
This month I started working out at a gymn and
dieting to lose weight and feel better about myself.
I took Evening Primerose 3000mg and Rob. from cycle day 9 on.
The big difference this cycle was that after studying my cycles
I noticed that temps go up around day 13 then again around day 16 or 17.
Also kept using opk longer. I found that on day 13 it was same color
but on day 15 it was darker. Bottom line I thought I had been
O on cd 13-14 but really O on cd16-17.
So we backed up our dancing and didn't start until cd 13-17
before we were 11-15. I think thats what did it.
I am really tired and starting to feel little bouts MS.
BBS are always sore but get better 3-4 days before AF.
They stayed sore. Also notice nipples were at attention alot.
No implant spotting( and boy was I checking).
I did have little sharp pains on my left side.
(feels like pulling and that you moved to fast).
Again thanks to everyone and if it happen to a 38 year old
who has been trying for years there is hope for everyone.
Thanks again to everyone and special thanks to Momma.

Posted By: Dawn... EDD 12/10/00! Can you believe it???? 
Thursday, 6 April 2000, at 9:53 a.m. 
I'm going to have a baby!... warning... very, very long :o) 
I never really posted my TTC HISTORY so. 
In 1991. bad pap. never notified of bad result 
(so I assumed they were okay - ALWAYS call for results 
ladies!!!). In '92. suffered with chronic YI on and off. 
I pressed my family doc (who did '91 pap) to double 
check my '91 results. Upon finding they were bad from '91 they 
immediately did another one in June '92. bad. 
Tested me until 10/92. referred me to OB/GYN for biopsy. bad. 
so in 11/92 I had laser surgery done on my cervix. 
Needless to say, I've been worried about ttc! 
Dh and I married on June 6, 1997, in August of '97, 
I was diagnosed with chronic acid reflux disease. 
Endoscopy showed ulcerations & decay in my esophagus. 
I was put on meds and told NOT to get pg until I 
was well. Aside from the 1.5+ years I suffered on meds to control this, 
I was told that getting pg in my condition could not only be harmful 
to me but to the baby. We were forced to suspend ttc from 8/97 to 
3/99. I even had to stop bcp's in early 1998 (too hard on stomach)! 
Used condoms until 3/99 when we were given the ttc go ahead and 
I was pretty much cured. Looooong road. I'm convinced drinking a lot more 
water helped to cure me - the meds seemed to be making me worse! In June 
of 1999 we got REAL serious about ttc. This was my 10th cycle of ttc. 
OK.MY PLAN for this cycle. (according to my sister's RE) was to bd this 
cycle every other day starting at cd9 and not stopping until 48 hours 
after I thought I O'd. As some of you know, my dh was struck down 
with food poisoning ONE day before I got the + on the OPK this cycle 
and we had to suspend bding for 3 critical (or so we thought) ttc nights. 
Check my temps for details. 
What I took this cycle. 
Centrum vitamins plus an additional folic acid supplement (been doing 
for 2+ years). Vitamin B6, 50mg a day since January of this year. 
I started noticing an increase in my cm a few months after I started taking 
the folic acid supplement (had been taking Centrum for over 6 years) cm 
got even better when I drank more water! 
Noticed my cycles got more regular since I started the B6 in January. 
(Tried prenatals last year, my stomach can't take them. I don't know 
what we're going to do about that!) 
My cm was abundant this month due to my increased water intake (as usual). 
I don't check cp. 
OK. now what it FEELS like. 
I felt crampy Monday PM (cd27). would've bet AF was on her way. 
On Tuesday (cd28) especially in the PM, 
I felt really bloated and gassy/crampy, like pre-AF but more gassy. 
It was all IN my body, it wasn't coming out. sounded like tons of air bubbles 
were percolating inside of me (still does). I was doubled over 
in pain at one point and even posted to CourtJ that night that AF was 
going to be nasty this month. I got to sleep but woke up early with 
the overwhelming urge to urinate. I quick took my temp and it fell 
to 97.88 so I FULLY expected to see AF when I got to the potty. 
She was not there! So I collected some urine and dusted off an HPT. 
In total disbelief, I watched as a faint line immediately appeared 
on an Answer brand HPT! I started shaking and checked the expiration date 
(08/01)! :o) I then called my OB's office and waited on hold for 23 minutes 
(calming down) to talk to a nurse! She told me to come in right away and I could 
have b/w done and know for sure by today. 
My SYMPTOMS.one at a time over the past few days seemed harmless & 
normal. put them all together and they now make sense: 
frequent urination 
very thirsty 
very tired 
gas. oops! 
burping. pardon me! 
pimples on my neck (my friend had this early on, too!) 
boobs hurt (like AF) but feel hard on the sides (I have a small chest) 
a little heartburn. oh no! 
lower back pain on/off. and now the biggest clue. 
*major cramps* but they aren't identical to AF cramps. 
They are up higher (not cervical AF cramps) more like IN and around my uterus. 
the pain (discomfort?) is wide spread, not concentrated stabbing pains 
down into my groin like with AF. the weirdest part is I get these poking 
sensations just below my belly button in the front of my abdomen. 
Like someone has a pen and is poking me from the inside out. Never felt 
anything like it before. 
I would offer as ttc advice. seems like the one thing that works for 
someone, doesn't work for someone else. 
Everyone's body is different. 
I wouldn't put too much emphasis on any ONE thing. 
I wouldn't put too much stock in temps, look at mine! 
I wouldn't put too much stock in OPK's, mine gave me the 12-36 hour 
go ahead obviously AFTER I O'd (according to temps). 
I would recommend good multivitamins and just experimenting with what 
helps your cycles (ie, B6, more water, less stress, visualization, 
proper sleep, herbs, drinking tea, etc.). Don't change too many things at 
once or you will never know what specific ingredient is making what 
specific improvement. :o) 
I'm so glad I could share all of this early, scary and joyful news with 
my ttc friends! I truly appreciate any well wishes you have to offer. 
You are all special women (angels) and it's my hope that everyone of you 
gets pg very soon for I know the ttc road can be a bumpy one. 
Keep believing that everything that happens in your life is a blessing 
(good or bad). If we are quiet. and we listen, 
it's all there to teach us something.if we let it. 
Love to all of you guys! 
You're the best! 
Special thanks to my very supportive and special cb's. 
You women absolutely incredible and have been so sweet 
and generous with me, I wish all your ttc hopes 
are realized with lots of speed and minimal struggles. 
You can't get rid of me this easily! 
Temps for those interested.
  • cd1-5 no temps
  • cd6 97.29
  • cd7 97.76
  • cd8 97.49
  • cd9 97.57 bd, cm
  • cd10 97.29 cm
  • cd11 97.89 bd, cm (tons)
  • cd12 97.39 cm (tons)
  • cd13 96.89 bd, cm
  • cd14 no temp tons of cm, +OPK around 10pm (dh asleep)
  • cd15 98.18 +cm, O pain, BUT.dh woke with food poisoning...no more bd!
  • cd16 97.89 still lots of cm, O pain very sad about dh!
  • cd17 97.89 dh still weak
  • cd18 97.89
  • cd19 no temp figured this cycle was a bust!
  • cd20 98.29 upset tummy in pm
  • cd21 97.79 6dpo (implantation dip?)
  • cd22 97.79 7dpo (implantation dip?) boobs hurt
  • cd23 98.67 boobs hurt (normal pre AF)
  • cd24 98.19 bd
  • cd25 98.19 bd
  • cd26 98.26
  • cd27 98.16 boobs hurt, cramps in PM/gas pains
  • cd28 98.16 boobs hurt, big time cramps, *convinced* of AF's arrival, due today.
  • cd29 97.88 (no AF but AF temps!) immediate faint +HPT with Answer brand & had b/w.
  • cd30 no temp! immediate darker + with Answer, b/w came back positive!!!!

No more temping for me! I'm going to let it go and enjoy the crappy, 
sick way I feel! Sick burning stomach 
and lots of discomfort in abdomen. I LOVE IT! :o) 
My EDD is 12/10/00! Thanks for all your joy! 
We have to keep this quiet for a little while and it helps to share it 
with all of you angels! I hope this post 
didn't make any ttcer sad. Keep the faith!!!!!

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