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Posted By: IASusieF

Okay today is Father's Day & I said I decided to test...
First of all I had used injectables, and had
an HCG shot on the 30th of May. I have been afraid the hcg
shot would mess everything up, but like all the other four pg tests
it was POSITIVE!!! I saw 2 lines, the 2nd
line is a little darker today.

Well, I "o" on June 2, so it will be 16 dpo.
We started with injectables this month. Clomid did nothing for
me so after the 5th month of uping the dose
they said I could do something different, gave me 3 choses, I
guess we chose the right one. We have been ttcing since
Sept '97. But, figured out in 1998 that I had a
thyroid problem, took 6 months to get medication right.
They thought that would start my periods and
help me "o". NOPE! So we tried Clomid, and now this.
Needless, to say I am still very scared I am
dreaming and that when I call up the dr and get an appointment
that I find out I was just seeing things.
But DH saw the lines too! This will be #2.
DS is 5 1/2, so we are not saying anything to him till we decide
to tell everyone (Blabber mouth that he is!)
Thank you for all your help! I have been visiting this site since
it started, but I am not very good at advice,
and then DH thought I was obessing, so I came on only once
in a while. Thank you momma kath for this wonderful site.

Thinking +++thoughts for everyone!


Posted By: Elyssa, Andrew (5/8/99) & #2 EDD Feb 25th 4 weeks!!! 
++++++I'm pleased to announce the existance of #2!!++++++.... 
I just bought a Confirm test and it's a clear++++!!!!! 
The test line is just about as dark as the control line 
and came up right away! 

I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate all the support 
and help you have given. If I only had one 
wish I'd have you all join me with +++s of your own. 
I know I didn't have much work to do in getting this 
++ and for that I feel badly. 

Here are my details - as sparse as they are: 

I had EWCM on days 11-14, we BDed on days 8 (for fun), 
12, 13 & 14. EWCM dried up on day 15 and my 
cervix went high and stayed hard through the rest of my cycle. 
It is still hard and sooooo closed. I have 
had LOTS of creamy cm since Monday, day 12, 
so much that I often thought it was AF coming because I 
felt so wet. I have had a topsy turvy tummy for two days, 
not sure if it's from pg, or from nerves. My boobs 
are not sore, nor are they swollen. The veins on my chest are 
really dark yet - that didn't happen until 
later with Andrew. 

DH doesn't know yet - I tested after he left for work. 
I'm going to put a shirt on Andrew that says, "I'm the 
Big Brother" tonight and just wait for him to notice. 

I thank you all again. 
I'll head over to the alumni board, 
but I'll still be reading up on you guys everyday 
- Elyssa

Posted By: Amy Boo EDD Feb 22nd 
I took 4 tests just to make sure!!! 
I can't tell you how much this site has done for me. 
I learned about the TCOYF book and I know that 
is what helped my figure out fertile days!!! 
Thank you Momma Kath for all your hard work on this site 
and the caring behind it. 
I am still in shock, I was so floored after the 
first test I had to use the remaining three just to be sure. 
Thanks again!!! 
I will keep in touch.

Dear Momma Kath, 
++++ I'm pregnant and still can't believe it!! 

I've so enjoyed reading the success stories on this site. They inspired me 
and gave me hope when I didn't have any. I'm thrilled to be able to share 
my success story with you. My dh and I have been ttc for 4 months. I know 
that doesn't sound like long, but I had babies on the brain for over a year 
before we started trying. Anyway, I've been charting for 3 months and this 
month I decided to add baby aspirin and green tea to the regimen. DH and I 
dtd on cds 13-17. I o'd during the day on cd 18. I had a feeling starting 
on 7 dpo that I was pg. Dh and I are thrilled. I'm calling the doctor 
first thing monday morning. ++++++++++ thoughts and baby dust for everyone. 

  • 6 dpo: nipples sore (i always have this)
  • 7 dpo: nipples sore, felt very hot, crampy, snotty glob of cm
  • 8 dpo: nipples very sore, indigestion, wet cm
  • 9 dpo: nipples sore, indigestion, wet cm
  • 10 dpo: nipples sore, indigestion, crampy, very tired, wet cm
  • 11 dpo: faint ++ hpt (with confirm after 2 hours) nipples not as sore, crampy, tired, gassy bloated
  • 12 dpo: faint ++ (with cvs) nipple soreness almost gone, crampy, gassy, tired, indigestion, wet cm
  • 13 dpo: ++++ (with ept) nipple soreness gone, gassy, wet cm, very hungry
  • cd 1-17 98.0 - 97.3
  • cd 18 97.9 (O day)
  • cd 19 1 dpo 98.1
  • cd 20 2 dpo 98.2
  • cd 21 3 dpo 98.3
  • cd 22 4 dpo 98.3
  • cd 23 5 dpo 98.6
  • cd 24 6 dpo 98.4
  • cd 25 7 dpo 98.6
  • cd 26 8 dpo 98.2 (implant dip)
  • cd 27 9 dpo 98.4
  • cd 28 10 dpo 98.6
  • cd 29 11 dpo 98.6
  • cd 30 12 dpo 98.8 (went triphasic)
  • cd 31 13 dpo 98.9

  • Amy V--- 

    Subject: Success Story 
    We have been ttc for 8mos and the Easter Bunny came 
    a few day early. We did not do anything new this month. 
    I have been drinking green tea every day along with 
    taking prenatal vits and baby aspirin. 
    My cycles are long and last for 35-37 days. 
    We did it from day 19-24 and put my hips on a pillow 
    after each time. My first clue of pg was my temps 
    went up to another level here are a few of my temps
    • day 22 97.2
    • 23 97.7 though I O
    • 24 97.2 could be fall back temp
    • 25 97.6 O
    • 26 97.6

    Temp when up to
  • 33 97.9 never this high before
  • 34 98.2
  • 35 97.9 cramps like af
  • 36 98.0 
    I decided to take a test on day 37 (dpo11)because we 
    were going out and I wanted to see if I would be able to drink. 
    The test was +++++. I was expecting more signs that I was pg. 
    I had started to get cramps liks af was coming and my breast 
    were only slightly sore. Keep looking for implantation spotting 
    but never had any. I am still unsure which day I O on 
    but I figured they are close enough together that a 
    day or two will not matter much when find out the due date. 
    I hope this helps someone in someway with their ttc and pg signs. 

    ++++++++ to everyone hang in there 

  • Subject: We're pregnant!!! 

    I e-mailed you a month and a half ago my husband and 
    myself could not figure out why we weren't pregnant 
    yet we had been trying for about 8 mths. About 5 
    weeks ago my husband said you haven't started yet I 
    said your right. So the next day he bought a pregnancy 
    test (EPT) and I used it first thing the next morning. 
    And before I could finish going to the bathroom it was almost 
    red.... we were shocked and I began to cry.. 
    I am considered high risk but we are 3mths and 1 week 
    and we are so excited I wanted to say Thanks the 
    information you gave me to just relax and enjoy what 
    we were doing must have helped... 
    Thanks again we are due Nov 23rd 
    Thanksgiving Day - Yahoo 

    Lisa C

    Subject: success story 

    Success story from Lisey 5/2/00 

    I've waited forever to write our success story. 
    I guess I wanted to make sure I was really 
    Our story started in April of 1999 when I stopped 
    taking the pill. I was on Ortho-Tricyclen for about 
    4 years. My gyn told us that it might take months 
    to concieve and they were right. I didn't know much 
    about all the scientific elements of getting 
    pregnant but I found that the TTC website sure 
    helped with learning new things and meeting other 
    women just like me. I started charting in June. 
    My husband thought I was insane. My temps were 
    irregular and hard to predict O. The best predictors 
    for us were CM, CP, and an OPK. 
    Over the course of those months I bought at least 10 pg 
    tests only to end up in tears when they came back neg. 
    The process was heartbreaking. My husband and I had 
    avoided getting pregnant for so long until we were 
    "ready" and finally when we were "ready" we 
    couldn't. With a lot of effort :) and prayer, we 
    conceived on 12/1, 7 months after going off the 
    Believe it or not, I didn't think I was pg. I 
    thought this was another one of AF little tricks. 
    December was a really busy month for us. Looking 
    back my first real sign was on 12/18. I graduated 
    from University of New Mexico with my M.A. :). 
    During the ceremony I felt really faint, I just 
    thought it was my nerves. On 12/19 we left 
    Albuquerque on a plane to Minneapolis to spend 2 
    weeks with my family. I got severe nausea on the 
    plane, a first for me. The day we flew was day 32 
    of my cycle. DH and I spent a few days in MN just 
    acting normal. He knew AF was late but we didn't 
    want to get our hopes up. One obstacle was that 
    my parents had no idea about our TTC. We were stuck 
    at their house with no car of our own. I didn't want 
    to say "Hey mom lets go buy a pg test." On 12/23 
    DH and I went to Target with my grandparents and my 
    nosy brother. We snuck off and headed for the 
    pharmacy. By this time it was day 37 of my cycle. 

    We bought 2 pg tests and I shoved them in my pocket. 
    The drive back to my parents house took too long. 

    Once we got in the door I went straight for the 
    bathroom. Within 2 minutes I had a bright +++++. 
    Oh my goodness! I went into the bedroom and called 
    to my DH. He almost died of shock. His first 
    question was "Are you sure you did it right?" 
    Just to make sure he supervised the next test on 12/24, 
    Day 38 of my cycle. Another +++++! 

    We told my parents on Christmas morning, 
    what a wonderful gift. 
    Thank you God!

    Subject: I believe in Miracles 

    Well we did it. We have been trying to conceive for 
    2 years and I really felt hopeless and very crabby. 
    I went to a RE and was told by several people 
    that she was really good and once she pinpointed the 
    problem she could solve it. It was one visit and she 
    looked at my previous lab results prescribed 
    Fertnix and after 6 days of those injections she 
    gave me 2 injections of Pregnyl and said what DAY 
    to do it on and we did and I am now 6 weeks 
    pregnant. I am very nervous because I am considered 
    High Risk until the 3 month mark is up, but we are 
    very hopeful and praying hard that all will be 
    ok. Hang in there its hard I know~just with everyday 
    life situations and then that on top of it but if 
    it can happen for me. It can happen for you.

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