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Subject: I'M PREGNANT!!
I'm fairly new to this site, and rarely ever posted,
but I love reading all
the postings.
They have helped me a lot, especially this month.
I'll give you a quick
I got off the pill last June. We started
"actively" trying in Feb.
For those first two months, I was stressed, I tried
charting my temps, but
got too obsessed. So this month I just kept track
of my cm and when I
would most likely to ovulate and dtd when I thought
I would be most
fertile.(on the wettest days)

What extra things I did: Well I started on
prenatals in January, I got
off of caffeine, I drank a cup of green tea every
morning. And when we dtd, I
didn't get up till the next morning. I took showers
instead of baths(I don't
know if that helped or not) my dh took showers
instead of baths so maybe that
helped a little. But thats all I did, and I put it
in God's hands and I

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for this site and
for all the helpful
suggestions and discussion boards, I learnd a lot.
Thanks for everyone's

---Andrea (& baby due Jan)

Here is my story..
After exactly one year of trying and immediately
following one failed IUI
with Clomid & Repronex, we succeeded naturally on a rest cycle!
Who knows why, as we had perfect timing all the other times...
Anyway, this was the first cycle I didn't do much temping,
but the three days after ovul. I was at my usual 98.3,
then even as late as 18 dpo my temps still weren't very
high, they were between 98.2 and 98.5, up & back
down, so that had me nervous (found out I was pg. at 13 dpo).
So finally trashed the thermometer. :)
As far as symptoms, NONE, I mean NONE!
NO implantation spotting, no sore boobs, no nausea,
just maybe a little gas close to 13 dpo. I am 29 dpo
today (6 weeks1day pg. in dr. terms, 4 weeks 1 day actually
pg.) & on progesterone supplements just in case I need
them & STILL no sore boobs or morning sickness, just gas & occasional
heartburn just started yesterday and more hungry than usual
(& I have always had a strong appetite, but it seems stronger)
since about 13 or 14 dpo.
Seem so need to eat every few hours.
So you really can be pg. & no symptoms.
1st beta at 13 dpo was only 35, 2nd at 15dpo was 118,
3rd at 27dpo was 22,549, so things are looking good.
I guess some of us just don't get many symptoms,
at least for a while.
Best of luck to everyone!

Subject: success story

Crystal ttc #2 cycle 20, edd 2-11

I took birth control pills for 8 years
before reading an article about how
some women who are on the pill for a long time
get "dependent" on it and their bodies cannot
function without it. I asked my doctor, who said that
was ridiculous, but I was concerned enough
that I went off the pill in January of 1996.
I never had a normal period since.
(And we have ruled out every problem
but endemetriosis or PCOS.) Anyway, in February
of 1997, we decided to actively try to conceive and
began taking 50 mg of Clomid. At this point I was not
having periods or ovulating. I took Clomid until
November of 1997, up to 100 mg the last 2 cycles.
I ovulated all but 2 cycles while on the Clomid.
The last 2 cycles, I also took Robitussin for
the few days before ovulation. We were able to concieve
in November of 1997
and had our beautiful daughter in August, 1998.
Knowing how much trouble we
had getting her here, we immediately began trying
for another when she was
just 3 months old. (In the back of my mind,
I just knew I would get pg the
first time and I was scared to think of
having 2 babies just a year a
part--I was sure my fertility problems
were a thing of the past.) I nursed
my daughter for 6 months (quitting at her insistance!)
so I really didn't
expect to get pg then. I quit nursing in Feb of 1998
and did have my first
natural period in over 2 years (without the aid of
progesterone or Clomid.)
I had 3 periods, then stopped again.
In September of 1999, I went back on
Clomid, again sure it would "just take
a month or two," but I was only
ovulating about every 2 or 3 months until
I figured out that when I took
Clomid days 3-7 I would ovulate, but when
I took it 5-9 I would not. My
cycles (with the help of Clomid) would
last about 30-32 days with O being
around day 19-20. I began only taking
the Clomid on days 3-7 and continued
taking Robitussin. In April, 2000 I had a
hystersalpingogram, which did not
detect anything. My doctor said that sometimes
just having the HSG makes
women able to conceive so he said to give it
two more months, then we would
refer me to a specialist who would begin
doing more tests. ( I had never had
a lap, which would have been the next step.)
My last period was May 7th and
I knew this was my last chance of conceiving
before moving on to more
radical fertility treatments. We were on
vacation this week and planning to
go out of town, but I was expecting AF,
so I didn't want to get to far away
from the doctors office for the Clomid check.
I started having normal
pre-menstrual cramps Monday. I had a couple
of days this last week when I
got dizzy when I bent over and there were a
couple of days I was exhausted,
but since I had neither of these symptoms with #1,
I didn't think much about
it. Thursday morning (6/8) I decided to go ahead
a take the test. I layed
in bed for a long time before taking the test,
because I knew it would be -,
and then I would have to stop pretending that
"I might be pg." I was so
sure the test would be -, that when I looked at it,
I saw the horizontal
line a good 5 seconds before I realized there was
also a vertical line!!!!
I had all these great plans to wait until Father's
Day to tell my husband,
but just like last time, I could only keep it a
secret from him from the
time it took me to get from the bathroom to
the bedroom! Our doctor appt
isn't until 6/26 and we're both going crazy,
but now I am starting to
recognize more symptoms (heavy bbs, and I
took my daughter on a carousel
yesterday and about lost my lunch!)
The only thing I did different this
cycle was think to myself "What could
I do to make my body more baby
friendly. I don't drink or smoke and
otherwise take good care of myself,
but I also realized that I sometimes
go a whole day without anything to
drink. So this month, I drank 8 glasses
of water everyday, and it happened
this month. Maybe it was just a coincidence,
but I sure don't regret it!
Sorry this was so long, we just have had such
a history it took a while to
write. My heart goes out to each of you ttc
and you all were the first ones
I thought of when I realized I was pg.
Who knows why some get pg, and some
do not. I must admit, I feel guilty to
be so blessed twice when I know many
of you are just praying for one. You
all are in my thoughts and prayers
everyday. I did not have this site when
ttc #1, and I cannot tell you what
a difference it has made during my second journey!
Positive thoughts to all!

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