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Posted By: annie

Hi everyone,Well I posted last week that
I was cramping and out of the 2ww.
But, low and behold I got a positive hpt.
I took one because I had three days
of light spotting, but no AF. So the home
test was pos! I was in shock,
almost couldn't breathe, then I went to
RE and my beta was 863 17dpiui.
Yesterday it was 2100 19dpiui, so it doubled
plus more! my re says probably
not multiples but I will find out next week
maybe. I will have an ultrasound
next week. I feel so blessed but so nervous.
I have been having cramping
sometimes medium cramps. I think I will feel
better after the ultrasound.
Thanks for all the support and listening.
By the way we only had 6 and 5
million post wash each iui but we bms'd each
day on our own too! It was our
last shot before ivf.
I hope you are all doing well.
Yours truly Annie
ttc #1 2.5 years
male factor success this past week!!!!

Like so many women, 
I believed that when DH & 
I were ready to get PG, it 
would happen very quickly. 
I was in for a rude awakening when we 
started, however. At 9 months of TTC, 
I saw my ob/gyn, and he started 
testing. I'm young, 26, DH is 28, 
and was ovulating every month on my 
own, cd#14 every month. DH had sperm count, 
which I assumed would come 
back A-OK. Wrong! He had a low count of 
only 15mil, 20% motility. 
This whole time I assumed it was me because 
I suspected endometriosis, 
partly because it runs in my family and 
partly because I had occasional 
pain with BD. 

So, we saw a urologist and I got DH on vitamins (C, D, selenium, zinc, multi). His next SA improved to 25 mil witl 85% motility! Wahoo! In the meantime, my abdominal pain increased and the doctor decided to do a lap. He found stage I-II endo everywhere, my bowels, bladder, ovaries and even removed a cyst from my right ovary. My first appointment after the lap, the doc told me we have a very slim chance of conceiving on our own and "shouldn't try on our own anymore." Needless to say, that was Christmas Eve day last year, and I was devestated. I remember sitting in front of him bawling my eyes out. But even then and the entire time TTCing, I KNEW it in my HEART that we would conceive and have a baby(ies) someday. I've ALWAYS believe it! The next month, DH & I saw an RE 3-1/2 hours away. He suggested IUI/Clomid. The first month, I needed some cultures done and the results were not back before I O'd so we tried on our own. No luck. The next month, on 100mg, I produced 9 mature follicles! Unbelieveable number on clomid. We cancelled the IUI because of the risk of multiples. So, DH and I BD just once on the O day. I tested - on 12dpo, but the RE ordered a blood test for 14dpo. I was floored when the nurse called back with a + beta! BUT, I was scared out of my mind that we would have multiples!!! The future ultrasounds showed one baby, one beautiful baby. I am now 21 weeks and have never been more grateful to God in my life. Our success is due 100% to God answering our prayers. I prayed daily for 15 months of TTC, most of the time in tears. But I knew God would answer, and He did! NEVER give up and believe in your HEART! Things that may have also helped include drinking lots of green tea, red raspberry leaf tea, taking baby aspirin and of course the clomid! BTW, the month I conceived, I had the worst, thickest CM ever!

Hello MommaKath & All The TTC Ladies,

Here is a PCOS success story for your reading pleasure. I hope it gives someone hope just as Meme and Ree gave me hope. My EDD is 3/23.

A little history first... I always had irregular cycles, and I used bcps for roughly 10 years to regulate myself. I went off bcp in March 1999, but I didn't have af until Sept 1999. I finally went to my OBGYN in November 1999 to see if he could help me get on track again - everyone, including myself, thought my body was having trouble adjusting after being on bcps for so long. Nov is also when I found this wonderful site! The OBGYN diagnosed me as annovulatory and prescribed provera to start af followed by 50mg clomid. Nothing happened - I didn't O. He prescribed provera again followed by 100mg clomid - Nothing happened again. By this time, I was feeling very frustrated - I wanted results, and I wanted a Doc who would actually pinpoint the cause of the problem and be more aggressive with treatment. I took the initiative to find a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). I had to wait about 8 weeks to get into the RE. While we were waiting, the OBGYN prescribed provera again and 100mg clomid again, but he did do a progesterone level test this cycle on cd 22 - he confirmed that I hadn't O'd again. No surprise. DH and I decided to do all the bloodwork (aka "workup") and sperm analysis (sa) prior to the initial appt. w/ RE. SA came back strong: 189m/ml & 73% motile (According to my RE - don't want it lower than 20m/ml & 50% motility).

The first visit to the RE: I took all of my charts and medical records. The RE told me right away that he suspected that I had PCOS. He went on to give a basic overview of what it is, medical implications and treatment options. He then did a pelvic exam and a vaginal sonogram. The sonogram clearly showed dozens of small cysts on my ovaries which confirmed PCOS. He wanted to try clomid 150mg for 1 cycle, and he prescribed provera to start af again. Before we could begin, however, he wanted me to do a glucose tolerance test. Luckily, that test came back normal. Even though it was a higher dosage, I wasn't thrilled about taking another cycle of clomid. I honestly did not think it would work so I didn't bother temping. I regret not temping! (Here is another interesting tidbit... usually ovulation predictor kits do not work well with PCOS because lh levels are higher than normal.  

RE cycle #1: 
We started provera June 1st. Af came June 14th. I began clomid 150mg cd 3-7.
  • CD10: Sonogram showed one dominant follicle on my right ovary measuring 13mm.
  • CD 11: bd
  • CD13: I noticed mild discomfort around both ovaries beginning on cd13.
  • CD14: bd (1ts robi)
  • CD15: bd; sonogram showed the follicle on my right side at 22mm which is considered a mature follicle. OMG!!! Am I gonna O?!?! (2 ts robi 2 hours prior to bd, and I laid still w/ hips elevated for 30 minutes afterward).
  • CD16: bd; very clear lh surge recorded (yes, that opk worked!), and sonogram showed the follicle had grown 5mm in 24 hours - it was 27mm at 4:30pm. Major pain on that right side! (2 ts robi 2 hours prior to bd, and I laid still w/ hips elevated for 30 minutes afterward).
  • CD17: post-coital test, another lh surge, 8:30am sonogram showed the follicle had ruptured. WAHOO!!! I O'd! We bd'd again at 4:30pm, and I stayed still w/ my hips elevated again. LOL All the pain was gone. O-day is officially June 30th. I was sooo happy about Oing - I cried all the way to work. LOL
  • (Notice that we bd'd 4 days in a row).
  • CD18: bbs very sore. no lh surge.
  • CD19: cd17 post-coital test results came back normal. I was thrilled!
  • CD 20-28: cm was lotiony and yellow a couple days, No noticeable implantation signs, boobs were sore the entire time. Major Mood swings kicked in - much like pms.
  • CD 29: 12dpo. Had my beta blood test, but had to wait 24 hours to get results. Took an EPT hpt early that morning and it was negative. I hoped it was just too early to detect hcg. Dh called me later in the day and said it had turned positive. NO WAY!!! It had to be an evaporation line. I mentioned it to EllenK and Ashley2 in the ttcchat room. They convinced me to leave work and buy another hpt: I did - I picked up Confirm. I took it at work, while in the chatroom. Very slowly it came back faintly positive. I FREAKED!!! It was soooo cool to find out with my ttc buddies. (Ellen K and I were O buddies and now EDD buddies). I left work and headed home in tears. Dh and I were totally stunned. Just to be sure, we took a 3rd test at about 7:30pm: first response came back positive right away. AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!
  • CD30: Beta results from yesterday: hcg was 70 which confirmed pregnancy. Progesterone was 30.
  • CD32: Second beta test to ensure hcg was increasing: hcg was 196. WAHOOO!!!!
Conclusion: After 16mo of ttc with annovulatory cycles, I became pregnant and it was my FIRSTcycle with the RE. Ladies, if there is any doubt in your mind about seeing a specialist, trust me.... it is well worth it! 

Ashley2 and Shelley - I am praying you both will join me very soon! ~*~*~*~ Marcy, I know you will eventually find this story. Yes, It is me! LOL This is for you my friend: ~*~*~*

Good Luck to all, and here is some baby dust for everyone! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* CindySi

Andrea, ttc Conceive Since December 99 after tubal reversal 2 years ago, 8 cycles, 15dpo, Second round Clomid 50mg for lpd, estimated edd 3/31

I am 38, and have 3 children from a previous marriage. DH and I have no children together, and have been married for nearly 6 years.

I had my tubes tied after #3, and never expected to want any more children. One morning last year , I woke up and literally could not breath I wanted a baby so bad. WOW! Thought I would blow DH out of the water. We researched reversal procedures, and decided to obtain Dr. Gary Berger because he has accomplished so much in his field, and the micro-surgical procedure is the most successful and easiest to recover from. Had my reversal Thanksgiving week of 1999 in North Carolina, and flew back to Louisiana the very next day. Was at work within a week, and feeling great, and actively trying by December 99.

Had HSG in March, which had great prognosis, but following that, my luteal phase began to shorten a great deal. From 13-14 to 10-11 in March, April, & May. I began clomid last month to lengthen lp, and it worked. Had a 13 day lp, but the side effects were gruesome. This was my second cycle on the medication, and no side effects this month from the meds. However, most importantly, I had NO ewcm. I mean none. It wasn't dry, but all my lovely stretchy cm was gone this time, even with the EPO, Robi & tons of water. (This should be proof that " a little dab will do ya"). I was sure it was a bust, but we dtd anyway. When I went to have my 3rd follicle study, it showed I ovulated, and the tech told me my uterus was not thick enough for implantation at 8.8 mm. I was just crushed, and even though I was comforted by my dr and nurse and you ladies on the board, I still was convinced it was not going to happen for us.

I really was not very "good" this cycle. I did not faithfully take my prenatals, or my b6 and bcomplex. I forgot my baby aspirin when we left for vacation on 8dpo, and have never taken it again. I drank coffee like a mad women. I just sort of gave up in my mind, although my heart would not let me give up entirely. When we did bd, It was NEVER in the missionary position, and I never lifted my hips, etc., as we have in the past. (I think it is safe to say these are only suggestions, as the one cycle I did not practice them, we got pg!)

I NEVER test. I have not tested in about 5 months cause I hate the devastation it brings. I just prefer to let AF get here...that's depressing enough!. But I had a dream before I left for vacation last week, where my Granny was at my bedside (she passed away a couple of years ago, and we were very close). She held my hand and whispered in my ear that she was so happy I was pregnant). I had been very upset because had I gotten pregnant last cycle, I would have been due on her birthday. I woke up from the dream kinda feeling full of peace. When I got to work, a girl at the office came in all excited saying she had dreamed I was pregnant and how vivid her dream was the very same night I had my dream. Gave me goose bumps. That, and the encouragement and support from Kimberly, and all of you guys was the basis for my testing.

I have no symptoms. None. I did have episodes of Snotty looking Yellow-Green Mucus, but I have to say, I've had that before. There is nothing I have experienced this cycle, that I have not experienced 10 times stronger before. My temps were very low, and just started getting a little higher at 12dpo. My cl was 97.9, and my highest temp before yesterday was 98.3, with two temp dips near cover line on 5&6dpo, and one below coverline on 9dpo, then only back up to 98.3. I have never felt LESS pregnant, and that's why it was so hard to convince me. We still have to wait for u/s to make sure it is not in the tube, but I'm not worried. Our little angel has made its way home to us!

My Success! 

After many months of trying my Dr. prescribed Clomid. I took Clomid days 7-11. My Dr. said he would normally recomend days 5-9, but since I was already past that days 7-11 couldn't hurt. I had O on day 16. 
At 14 DPO I took a HPT and had a very, very faint +. 
I didn't trust it so I saw my Dr. the same afternoon. 
I got GREAT news! I'm 4 weeks PG!

I still can't believe it's true, but I'm pregnant. Details included if you're interested (m&l) 
Posted By: Melanie, PG with #1 after 1.5 years 

Well, I'm still having a hard time believing it, but after 7 + HPTs, I guess 
I should start getting used to the fact that I am finally pregnant. 

My details follow for those that like details (I know I do). 

I am 29 yo, DH is 33. We have been TTC for two years ago January. Had a very early 
miscarriage (chemical pregnancy?) last January at about 3 dpo that month. 
Since then, DH and I have had preliminary fertility work ups -- HSG & day 21 
progesterone were ok. DH's SA was questionable. He had count 118, but 
motility and morphology were very low -- around 12% each. However, we are not 
sure if this is because we had not BD'd in a while before the SA, which I 
believe can alter the results. 

After the SA results, I started looking around for fertility info on the web 
and found this site and fertility friend. I have been taking 1 baby aspirin, 
1000mg red raspberry, 350mg vitamin B6 (which is probably too much though -- 
I have cut out the B6 now), and 1000mg Flax Seed Oil for 2 cycles. My LP was 
ok at 12 days, but I wasn't totally confident with my interpretation of my 
charts, so I figured some B6 and red raspberry wouldn't hurt. 

DH is taking 4000mg L-Arginine, 3000mg Vitamin C, and standard doses of 
Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium. 

This cycle I didn't really do anything differently. I definitely didn't pay 
any attention to what I ate or drank. DH and I made sure to BD every second 
day from cd6 to cd16 (I O'd on cd15). 

I have no typical pregnancy symptoms. I had a temp dip to 0.1 degrees below 
the cover line at 9dpo. I also started noticing that the veins in my breasts 
were very blue and visible but I didn't think anything of it. At 11 dpo I 
started spotting. I figured that this was just AF on the way since I always 
have spotting one day before AF arrives. However, it usually starts at 12dpo. 
Since I was a bit suspicious about the spotting, I decided to test at 11dpo. 
I got a very very very faint + with First Response (with evening urine). When 
the spotting started to go away the next day, I tested again with Confirm (in 
the afternoon). Another faint +. At 13dpo (the day AF was due) I tested with 
Confirm, First Response, Fact Plus and Answer Now using first morning urine 
(obsess much?). Got clear + with all of these. Took off the next day for a 
few days of camping. Tested again today (mid-afternoon) with ClearBlue Easy 
and got a very strong + (even before I took the stick out of the urine). I 
have been very gassy since 11dpo, but that is starting to subside now. 

I called my gyn today. She said I don't need bloodwork unless I'm having 
problems and she doesn't need to see me until early September. I thought that 
was weird, but maybe that's the way it's supposed to be? 

Now I'm just praying that everything will work out ok. 

+++++ thoughts to everyone. 


Want to thank you immensely for sending me the pg tests, 
because I have now GRADUATED! 
I am pg! 
Very shocked, too, cause it took 18 mos with 
DS and the help of clomid... 
I conceived this time while TAKING provera to 
start a new AF and clomid, lol... 
Thanks so much! 


I could not wait till tomorrow to test.. It was positive :} 
Posted By: CherylS,ttc#2 
Thanks for the advice ,, 
I have learned more about my body here than I ever thought possible or even knew I wanted to know. 
++++++++ thoughts to every one of you . 

Hi Momma Kath, 
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you! 
I am so grateful to you and this site. 
I have been a member since almost the beginning. 
I think that I was number 112 on the roster when 
I first started visiting. Although I 
have been just in the background, I have read 
everything there was to read.
Well it has been almost two years in the works 
and I am happy to say that I am pregnant!! 
I am starting my 7th week tomorrow and I feel great.
I was diagnosed with a LPD and have been taking 
progesterone suppositories for the last three months.
Thank you for helping me get through this 
when I felt I was at my worst. 
I am looking forward to becoming an alumnae. 
Thank you, 
Jo from Connecticut

I tested today and it was +++++ m 
Posted By: Christi ttc#2 after 1 molar pg & 1 m/c 

Ladies, I want to thank all of you for your help. I came to this site and I knew the bare minumum about fertility. You educated me and got me going on the right track. I can only hope that I am not going to be jinxed again. 
Thank you for all your help. 

Hi guys...I don't know if you remember me but guess what.... 
Posted By: Mimsy25 

........I tested yesterday at 13dpo and got 3 positivies within seconds!! We were TTC for 8 months and this month was going to be the last before we took a break..... 

I just wanted to wish everyone luck and sprinkle y'all! 
****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** ****************

I can't believe it, 
but I am pg the first month of trying 
your herbal supplements! I took the 
I also used Robitussin and baby aspirin. 
My doctor told me that I may need to see an RE, 
but I wanted to try some of these natural approaches first. 
I am so glad that I waited and gave these things a try. 
I had no side effects at all. 
I am now approaching the 6 week mark 
and tested + very early with your 
TTC Store HPT. I found out about 10 days earlier 
than I did with dd. 
I was only about 9 dpo. 
Thank you very much for the help. 

Cindy K.

Well it looks ++++++++++++++!!!!!! 
Posted By: Kris, EDD 04-12

Details...and some dust 

I am 12 dpo, tested a faint + at 11 dpo and again today with Clearblue Easy... 

This whole cycle was a mess, but obviously a good mess! This is my 8th cycle ttc, and my dr. said to toss the charts, temping, etc. and just have a month or two off. Well I usually O on cd 14-15, but was called away so we bd'd early (13). I also started seeing a reflexologist for some knee pain I've been having, and she worked my "uterus and ovaries" part of my sole and said they needed stimulation. Maybe she was right (ha ha)!! 

I have had an achy, crampy feeling in my lower abdomen since 6-7 dpo, with strong pain at 8 dpo (I think it was 8). I have also been getting up in the middle of the night to pee... 

I was getting so scared about conceiving - this is our first baby and I have never been pg. What a blessing ... 

For all those ladies on this forum, thanks for all the support.you have been great to listen to, chat with, and I will continue to drop in. I'm just waiting to tell the WORLD (but dh wants to wait to make sure I don't start with AF - what a cautious guy...) 

I think I saw a +++++????? 
Posted By: Kristine 
I have been having cramps, tired, and really strange dreams. The cramps started at around 6 dpo and haven't really stopped, although I had a good one on 8 dpo that sat me down! 

I tested after lunch with Clearblue Easy...and saw a very faint line...is that good? Or am I delusional? 

I made my husband read it, he laughed and said it was definitely faint... 

Could I be????

Hi Momma Kath, 

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you! I am so grateful to you and this site. I have been a member since almost the beginning. I think that I was number 112 on the roster when I first started visiting. Although I have been just in the background, I have read everything there was to read. Well it has been almost two years in the works and I am happy to say that I am pregnant!! I am starting my 7th week tomorrow and I feel great. I was diagnosed with a LPD and have been taking progesterone suppositories for the last three months. 

Thank you for helping me get through this when I felt I was at my worst. I am looking forward to becoming an alumnae. 

Thank you, 
Jo from Connecticut

Toot Toot! Add me to the Bunny Train! (details...) 
Posted By: trishd, mom-to-be! 

Well, how do you like that? We decide to take a break, we BD one time (I'm not kidding - it's been a stressful July) all month - supposedly a good 30 days before my O time (very long cycles) and we did it! The only way I even knew was that I've had sore BB's for 18 days now - and so I finally started temping a week or so ago and it showed I'd O'd early! Weird thing - due right at my DS's 6th birthday - hmmm.... 
maybe I'm only really fertile once a year! 

Posted By: trishd, ttc #2 AGAIN! :-( 
Glad to be back w/ friends, sorry to be back at all! miscarried Sat. - m&l 

So I guess instead of an April baby, maybe we'll be blessed with a midsummer dream? I hope! We are as always optimistic. This was one thing I didn't expect - but my family has been great, and I firmly believe that, devastating as it is, it had to be for the best - I know my body had to recognize something was very wrong w/ the embryo. So now we just wait for my cycles to start again, and, as my DH said, "get back into our old routine" of ttc. He is going to get me The Monitor, though, as an anniversary gift (9 years this week - sad to spend it this way, though)

Thanks for all the +++ thoughts! My beta was POSITIVE!!!! (m) 
Posted By: Gina - 10dp2dt for ZIFT/ICSI - 

I almost died of nerves today, but I hope this is for real! The HCG level was lower than I was hoping for - 16.8 - but I guess it's a start. I'm just extra scared since we had a 6.8 before that ended in m/c. I'm hoping it's just early and Thursday's test will show that it doubled! I will definitely be hanging around here for a while, if you don't mind! Yay for the board's first ZIFT success!!! 
Now I'm off to find HCG levels!
Thank you to all of you for your kind words and thoughts. 


!! ++ It's positive!! ++ !! 
Posted By: cj 

I'm 11 days past IUI.... hcg is 19 progesterone is 50 something (I got too excited and forgot to listen so closely!) 

I'm just getting ready to run out the door, but I wanted to let my IUI/IVF friends know. I'm a DES daughter, so we still have a long road ahead, but we've gotten across the first hurdle! 

thank you for all your + vibes.

Subject: Good News!! 

I just wanted to let you know that my results came back from my doctor and I am pregnant!!

I am over the moon (and very tired:))

I guess I can be added to the alumnae list now and want to thank you for creating such a wonderful place that provided help and support when I need it it most.

Meredith C.

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