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I'm Finally Pregnant
TTC #1 2yrs.9mo.
Miscarriage in March of 2004 and August of 2006

My husband and I have been TTC since March when I unexpectedly became pregnancy and miscarried a few days later. We tried on our own for a year and a half and I finally decided to go to a fertility specialist. My doctor put me on 50mg of Clomid and scheduled our first IUI. It was unsuccessful and we found out that my husband has low motility. We tried a few more rounds of this before moving on to Follistim Injections. I became pregnant the very first cycle using the injections. We heard a heartbeat at 8 weeks and then I miscarried at 9 weeks. I was devastated!! After finding out that there was no known cause of the miscarriage, we began trying again with the Follistim injections. After 2 more cycles, I am finally pregnant again. I pray that this will be a lasting healthy pregnancy. I just found out yesterday (14dpo) morning. I took a home test and immediately saw two lines!! I am so excited, but worried at the same time. My first doctor's appointment is tomorrow. Hopefully my beta score is okay.

Here are a few of my symptoms:

  • 1dpo-10dpo: extremely sore boobs
  • 11dpo: sore boobs, AF cramping
  • 12dpo-13dpo: boobs not as sore, major AF cramping
  • 14dpo: boobs a little tender, AF cramping, cramping at cervix, +++++ with First Response
  • 15 dpo: boobs sore, extremely tired, cramping at cervix
    Good luck to everyone!!!!!

    Woah very pregnant
    Hi All,
    My husband and I had been TTC for just under a year. I started reading all the success stories posted and it really encouraged me to be more positive. My DH and I started a regime of vitamins etc and DH also started going to the gym, he was a bit overweight and was not very health conscious. I am 5 weeks pregnant and my symptoms were a bit weird to start off with. My last menstrual was on the 31st of October, my next one came a whole four days earlier, hasn't happened before, so I began to wander. It was lighter but for the normal amount of time. My PMS symptoms seemed to carry on from that time onwards and I still have mild cramping and back ache but its well worth the journey and I feel really blessed and thankful to God especially and to my DH who never gave up hope or got tired of hearing me moan about not having any more kids!! My DH has one testicle so we thought that that could be the cause and to think we would have started A.I. 
  • Good and God Bless and never give up hope! 
    I just wanted to say thank you. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. I have twin girls from an IVF, but since then, I have been unable to conceive. We have gone back to the RE and have had one successful IVf (which ended up in blighted ovum). I decided before I attempted the IVF route again, I would by a 3 month supply of your #3PLUS Herbs for Her to Tame Tissue Growth (I have endometriosis). I began them in August. I must admit, I did forget to take them once in awhile. DH and I tried in Oct. one last time. I was shocked when on Nov. 12th I took a Early Home Pregnancy Test "HPT" ( HPT (the ones you sent me with my order for free and it was +++++ - This was my 1st pos. HPT ever (with the girls we just did a beta). I went to the obgyn and my numbers were very good. Then at 7weeks we saw the little baby and h/b!! I go back this Friday for another sono. I am still very nervous, but I just can't believe I was able to get pregnant on my own!! Thank you so much!!!! I must also add, it took me almost 4 years before getting pregnant with my girls through IVF, and then we were TTC about 2 1/2 years with no success before this miracle!
    Hi Momma Kath,
    I just want for you and everyone else to know that after 2 years of activiley trying,
    I AM PREGNANT! I did not have the pleasure of using your herbs and I did not use any fertility treatments. I got pregnant on my own.


    IT WORKED.....


    I am about to start my first course of Clomid after 18months ttc. I am 30 and my fiancé is 30. We are desperate for a baby and have tried so hard to achieve this and am now excited to start on this fertility drug especially after reading so many success stories. I had an ultrasound and HSG and this only showed a slight blockage on my right tube. My blood tests show that I am ovulating so I am not sure if clomid is actually going to solve our issue. My fiance tested OK too. I will keep in touch and I hope you will all keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
    Claire (England).


    Hi there, just checking in after approx 6 years absence! I joined this website in early 1999, my screen name was KimNZ. Anyway, when I googled the site tonight, I was thrilled to see that it is still there, and even more thrilled to see a name I recognised!! TTC, yourself and the other members were all amazing in your support especially when trying to conceive my second baby (after a blighted ovum and 6 months of trying). I have always had a soft spot in my heart for you after all your encouragement, tireless answering of questions, and ceaseless support. Please pass on my love and support to all the women at ttc. People like you DO make the world a better place! I wish you all the best of luck for the future, and go away in the knowledge that such a special, supportive forum is still very much in existence! Take care, KimNZ

    Dear Momma Kath, I want to personally thank you for all the help you have been giving to women all over the world like me. I found your website last year and wrote to you and then bought your herbs #7 Restore Ovarian Balance and #2 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) for Clomid Users. I am glad to let you know that after giving up last year - I am now pregnant. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your site, your care and support. You have been a source of strength and hope to many women like me. My prayer for you is that God continues to strengthen you and reward all of your efforts and endeavors. May the good Lord send his Angels to permanent your true happiness. With Love, Tracy
    Dear Momma Kath, my son is almost a year old. It was almost 2 years ago that I ordered the #2 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) for Clomid users. I had been trying to conceive for approximately 4yrs. I went through one cycle of clomid and IUI with my fertility doctor which didn't take. For the second cycle, I took your herbs in correlation with the clomid (I never told my doctor). That cycle during the IUI, my doctor had commented on how fertile I looked. That month the IUI took and I was pregnant. It was amazing and I thank you. I never wrote in about my success, but everytime there is an opportunity to tell someone about your website, I do. I honestly believe it was your herbal regime that helped me conceive that month. Christina

    Hi Kathy, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and give you an update. I finally got my BFP after two months of taking #1 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her). I definitely think that the herbs helped make this possible. Thanks again for everything!! Lori
    Great news! I am pregnant.
    Dear Momma Kath,

    I wrote you a few months ago. I have always struggled with infertility, and I was trying to conceive #2. Thank God I found your web site, first month taking the herbs and I just found out today that I am pregnant!

    I've always had irregular periods and symptoms of PCOS. My DH and I conceive my daughter over 2 years ago, at that time I didn't know about your website, and the doctor put me on clomid. I did get pregnant the first month of clomid, but I also had a lot of side effects. This time, with a natural way and no side effects I got pregnant 2 weeks on your herbs. I took Vitex, false unicorn, Maca, red raspberry leaf and Folic Acid.
    I want to thank my almighty God first of all, and you for giving us such wonderful information, and for your website. I would love for you to add me up in your success herbs for her works stories.
    Thank you so much MamaKath, and God bless you.
    25 Years old
    Pregnant with #2

    Yes, I definitely would like to write a success story...he or she is definitely a little miracle baby b/c I only was able to take 1 Clomid and then went to the ER for Crohn's Disease - I had a bowel obstruction. I was in the hospital for a week and basically wrote off the month but continued to take your herbs and a baby aspirin daily and used OPK's just in case...sure enough on the 18th of last month I got a positive result. We tried that night and then my husband was in Chicago for a 3 day business trip so again, I wrote it off, we tried the evening he came home again...and on day 30 when no AF in site I tested and sure enough...I had to take 4 tests to believe it! Anyway, thanks for your help and I will write a more in depth Success Story soon.
    Thank you again for your support, so far everything is great, I'm feeling good and loving being pregnant!!!

    I'm shocked
    Dear Momma Kath,
    I ordered #3PLUS FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) after I was diagnosed with having 94% antisperm antibodies. My RE suggested IVF to my dismay. We had been trying for a year. You sent me the herbs when we went on vacation. Well, after taking them for a month and a half and having 1 IUI, I got a BFP yesterday and then a blood test confirmed I am pregnant. I am ecstatic and shocked at this miracle. Thank you for all your help. I am a firm believer in your herbs!
    Kindest Regards
    Success! Thank you Momma Kath for the advice and information provided on this site. We have been ttc #2 for six months and after one month on Herbs for Her I just got a BFP! We are so excited for our family to grow. Thanks again!! Amy+++

    Mama Kath
    TTC for 7 YEARS, did hsg, clomid unsuccessful for 4 months, on 5th month did the "shot thing" where the dr did u/s to verify follicles then got the shot, then 1 more month of clomid...nothing. Decided to take a couple months off TTC and not fret about it. Got pregnant 7 months later. M/C at 9 1/2 weeks, dr.did u/s, sac but no baby. Dr. just let it pass by itself, but I had to go back every couple of days to have blood drawn until levels were 0. That was January. Pregnant again Dec  on our own, but I started bleeding again the day b-4 my first dr appt. This was a new doc, she did d&c . Now since then, just sparatically trying, not letting it become the focus anymore. I came to the conclusion that I'm not getting younger (35) and if it doesn't happen by ourselves, I will have to go back to another R/E and see about the options. I'm really weird about wanting to try on our own without "artificial" means (IVF, etc) until I absolutely can't wait anymore. Deciding to take it into my own hands, I ordered #3PLUS FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) and progesterone cream.....FIRST MONTH!. These 3 BFP (2 Early Home Pregnancy , 1 clearblue easy) were the fastest and darkest lines yet!. I'm really starting to believe this may be it. My most recent ob/gyn has left practice so I got in to a new dr tomorrow for initial appt with nurse, then dr. Friday to test levels. Please know what solace your website has given me after 7 long years.
    God bless,

    Success after 2nd IUI!
    I have gotten much comfort, and laughs, from the brave women who have been trying to conceive, and who have had success and shared their experiences (sometimes in gritty detail!) during our own struggles. We have been trying to conceive for a little over a year now, and this time last year sadly became pregnant and miscarried shortly thereafter. We discovered that I have a water filled fallopian tube on my right side that may have caused it, so after much delay and surgery, we got back on the TTC horse this past March. Because of my age (35) and the one tube, and the potential for scar tissue growing back to cause issues, we jumped on the infetility protocol bandwagon - specifically, IUI. I was doing the Follistim injections then Ovadril to induce ovulation, then the lovely IUI. The first time was unsuccessful and much to my frustration (I am VERY impatient!) a cyst had developed (common apparently) and we had to take birth control pills and take a month off... grrr! well, this second time around we have success! I am currently at 15 days past iui (15 dpiui) and after 8 (um.. yes, thats not a typo) HPTs taken starting 9 dpiui, I am absolutely, positively sure I am pregnant!!!! Now, symptoms: First, I have to clarify that I was also put on oral progesterone supplements starting 2 days after IUI (Prometrium) so there are some symptoms that come with that, regardless whether one is knocked up - those include: sore bbs!, gassy, bloating, pimples, and fatigue. (Im dead sexy!)
    Now for some signs outside of the pills:
  • around 5-6 dpiui - much stomach activity and I began to get VERY tired in the afternoons, around 3-5 PM... Now, you might say "Its the progesterone, but I disagree as I take the pills at around 7:30 at night, so the wave of tired that hits me in the afternoons is all its own, I believe...
  • around 7-8 dpiui - sharp twinges on my left (good, with-a-tube) side.. fatigue continues...
  • 9 dpiui - evening first ++++ HPT (light) and am falling asleep earlier... also, feel a gnawing hunger between meals... I mean I feel like a starved jackal who hasnt eaten in days... (or as I imagine a starved jackal would feel)
  • 10-present day dpiui - multi HPTs +++ getting darker! woohoo!
  • 11-12 dpiui - urinating more frequently, even getting up in the middle of the night which I never do.. and falling asleep earlier.. so, I hope this inspires some trapped in that hell, the two week wait! I know I would log on every day and type in for ex) "8 dpiui" and see what pops up from all the women experiencing this with me... and MOST of the posts were from this website! so, thank you all for your support while I suffered the crazy, painful, excruciating wait between alleged conception and a positive HPT!
    Good luck to you all!!

    My IVF Success Story
    Dear Momma Kath, I want to share my success story with you and others on the TTC board as it is truly a miracle that I am pregnant now after all of these years. Here it is:

    Hi everyone, I have enjoyed reading all the successes on this board for the past several years and never did I ever think that I would one day be writing my own success story. My dh and I are both 36 and have beeing ttcing for over 6 years. We have suffered thru 3 horrible miscarriages with the first one being in December. We went to an RE and had all the tests done and the RE found I had stage 2/3 endo which was lasered out  other than that they didn't come up with a real diagnosis as to why I was not getting pg. We tried iui with clomid and then with injectibles about 7 times and it never worked. We finally moved on to IVF. Our first IVF was converted to an IUI because I only created 4 follies. the second IVF again I was a low responder and only had 4 or 5 follies we decided to go for it and the RE was actually able to get 9 eggs out of me, there were a few smaller follies that grew in time. They put back 3 grade a 8 cell embies in me and low and behold I was pg, however my beta was only 25 and two days later it was still only 25. Turns out it was a chemical pg (it never implanted all the way). I was devastated. We waited about 5-6 months before we decided to use up our last try of IVF (insurance pays 1/2 for 3 tries) so we went for it. Again I only produced 5 follies and the only retrieved 3 eggs this time and only 2 were good enough to put back. One was an 8 cell and the other a 5 cell. Well, they both took and I am now pregnant with twins, what a bonus. My betas were very high to begin with so twins were suspected but I thought no way because the one egg was only a 5 cell. Well I am now 12 wks pg and everything is great. We had a scare at 10wks I had some red bleeding but after a full checkup at the ER the OB said the babies were both 100% fine and no problems since then. I have had horrible morning sickness and on the verge of puking about 24 hrs a day and usually get sick in the mornings. I also am getting horrible migraines but hey it is all worth it. I am still in a state of shock that I am even writing this. I surely hope that my story will give other women out there that are trying to get pg whether naturally or thru IVF and I am proof positive that with some effort and lots of prayers that it can happen, even if the circumstances (egg quality) is not that great. This board has been a great help to me as well as support thru all of my years of ttcing and I am now enjoying the pg discussion boards. 

    Thanks again to Momma Kath and to this wonderful website. 


    Momma Kath,

    After 45 long months (3 years, 9 months) of TTC #2, we are finally pregnant! I am so happy to be writing this story, but to be honest, it feels surreal. You get so used to being disappointed month after month, that it's hard to believe when you get a BFP. I attribute this conception to the second month of taking #1 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her) and also a baby aspirin daily. We also focused our "trying" toward the latter half of the month, which normally we don't do. I went from a 26 day cycle to 32 by taking the herbs, so ovulation was probably happening later than I thought (I wasn't officially tracking).

    Like many others, I thought AF was coming. I had some cramping and sore BBs and breakouts. I even had a beer one Friday night because I just knew she was on her way.

    I took 3 HPTs. Each one had a faint line, but as they say "a line is a line." I went to the doctor to confirm yesterday and I am very early (4 weeks) and due in January. My son will be 5 in February.

    I tell you what, I am telling people that it had to be the herbs. I don't know what else it could have been, unless it was just finally our time.

    These success stories were so great to read as I was TTC, so I hope mine will help as well. Good luck to all. I know how hard and frustrating TTC can be!

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