..law states a newborn MUST be added to...within 30 days...

Mama Kath, I'm glad you asked for details, but you'll have to excuse the frustration through my e-mail as I write this because in my personal opinion, the insurance world is the biggest scam/fraud!!! 

My story: I was aware I would probably be laid off work and decided to take that opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom. I started searching for individual family insurance here in the state of UT and was turned down by our four largest companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IHC (Intermountain Health Care), Altius, and UHC (United Health Care). We were turned down for coverage for our family, coverage for my husband alone, and coverage for my husband and children. 

The rationale, as it was explained to me, was that the law states a newborn MUST be added to the insurance policy of a mother or father if the policy holder adds that newborn within 30 days. If you take Clomid then there is a very slight chance there will be a premature birth and/or a multiple birth. Since newborns born premature or in multiples cause higher hospital bills, insurers don't want to insure them. So, if you follow the logic here, by insuring my husband alone or my husband and children (not even me!) the insurers would have to provide medical coverage for my husband's offsping, which in other words is my child. Since I took Clomid, they felt the very slight possibility of me conceiving on Clomid and having a multiple or premature birth was too great. 

I conceived two of my children with that medication and didn't have EITHER a multiple or premature birth. I only took the medication for three months before conceiving in one case and two months before conceiving in the other case. I have never had any complications, never had any miscarriages, and never even have been sick with morning sickness even one day of my pregnancies. My health and my entire family's health is EXCELLENT and we are the kind of family insurance companies should LOVE to have in their profile, yet because of that slight chance my entire family was declined for a individual family policy. I got verification from my OB/GYN that overall, as well as in my case, the chances of conceiving multiple births with Clomid was no greater than conceiving multiple births without Clomid, and he attested to the fact that premature births were not a direct result of Clomid unless multiple babies were conceived in the first place. Even though my OB/GYN was directly employed by IHC, even their own underwriters would not accept his explanation or give the matter additional review. Additionally, they stated if it is noted on an insurance application that you have ever taken the medication, even once, you will be considered UNINSURABLE until you are "fixed" or in menopause. I was told by both underwriters by IHC and through my independent insurance broker (who I was working with to try to get insurance) the only way they would consider insuring my husband or me or our family was if I got "fixed" and provided proof to the insurance company. That made me FURIOUS. I don't feel like the size of my family should depend on the whims of an insurance company, and I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to be done having chidren. Incidentally, my husband is self-employed which is why we don't qualify for group policies. I had worked for 10 years with a major corporation to be able to get insurance. Since I was laid off, I was able to find an "HDHP" which is High Deductible Health Plan" combined with an MSA (Medical Savings Account). The HDHP provides NO maternity coverage and I must pay a $5,000 deductible each year before ANYTHING is covered. The MSA is like a Flexible Spending Account for self-employed people and to get one of those, you have to have an HDHP plan. I'm not thrilled with my coverage because not only is it expensive each month but it provides virtually no service except in catastrophic cases, but at least we have something in case of a catastrophic event. 

If I was to tell the ladies who are writing you anything, I would just say to consider the option VERY carefully if you think you or your 
spouse ever may have to apply for individual health coverage (such as with self-employed, student policies, or short-term insurance between jobs). If you need any more information, please let me know! You're welcome to share my story. cwm 
P.S. I just reviewed your site and read the post by Melissa re: Insurance Coverage; she said she talked to BCBS and they said they would cover it. Did she specifically inquire into individual family health policies with an actual underwriter as opposed to a front-line phone representative? The group policies are different; they cannot exclude ANYONE from getting a policy; the only recourse is increasing the group's coverage rate. But, they can and DO decline individual families for health coverage. If this is a point of contention, I can probably provide you with a phone number for a BCBS underwriter (and an IHC underwriter, if necessary) if you would like to independently verify this information! I feel quite strongly, too, that women need to know of this possibility if they're going to need an individual policy in the future.

...their children will be eligible for health insurance on their own bill...

Hi Mama Kath, I'm not sure who wrote the Clomid Warning on the website but I wanted to tell them that their children will be eligible for health insurance on their own bill. My husband and I had the same issue of being declined but Blue Cross and a number of other health insurance companies accepted my baby son without blinking an eye. It's not the clomid so much as it's the infertility label. Health insurance unfortunately see that as a HUGE RED FLAG because of the expense. I used Clomid to get pg and my husband had a varicocelectomy both fall under infertility treatments. Blue Shield will also insure you once it's been two years since treatments. They excepted us but then raised our premium. Fortunately, I have insurance through a the agency I work with right now. When this all happened I realized how much our country needs health care reform.  Lisa

I know you all have said you've tried a number of health insurance companies, but have you tried American Family? 
I was denied individual coverage by 4 health insurance companies, and finally had some luck with American Family. 
I'd recommend at least contacting them to see if they might insure you despite your Clomid use. They are far more reasonable when it comes to insurability than other companies like BCBS.


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