Clomid or clomiphene citrate are being used by urologists and reproductive endocrinologists routinely to assist with male fertility.

Dr. Marrs' Fertility Book Chapter 9 talks about the use of the same drugs which successfully regulate ovulation in infertile women (clomid, FSH and human menopausal gonadotropin) in controlled studies have shown no significant benefit to men.

There are however, situations which do warrant the use of these drugs to stimulate fertility such as with men who have reduced levels of FSH and LH. Dr. Marrs goes on to suggest that you should question your doctor carefully if the doc wants you to take them.

I am not a lady, very very much a man to be sure. I've recently have had my vasectomy reversed and now the Doctor is wanting me to use clomid to help "wake up" the little sperms within. I've looked and looked for information concerning the male side of clomid and have come up empty. If you can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks

I've done some research and, without being able to quote sources, found that clomid in men is a drug of convenience. Meaning that, if the surgery was successful and you have been reconnected and your still able to make sperm, then clomid will simply speed up the process to create sperm. The problems exists when you stop taking clomid the process (sperm production) slows down dramatically. Therefore, if you choose not to participate in taking clomid, and your ability to make sperm still exist's, then it can take from 3-18 months before you and your "sample" realize a normal sperm count.

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