Magical Medicine!
  Laugh & Feel Better Instantly!

Surrounding yourself with people and things that make you smile and laugh can improve your life and health!

Why Laugh More and What The Experts Say: 

  • “Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system. We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all diseases.” – Stephen Levine (Antioxidant Adaptation—Its Role in Free Radical Pathology, 1985.) 
  • Breathing correctly is the key to better fitness, muscle strength, stamina, and athletic endurance.” – Dr. Michael Yessis (Dr. Michael Yessis, PhD, President Sports Training Institute, Fitness Writer – Muscle and Fitness Magazine.)
  • “(Belly) Laughter creates convulsive reactions, which free up muscular tension within the body, and charge and mobilize the voice and breathing. – Alexander Lowen, father of Bioenergetic Psychotherapy

Want to Feel Better Instantly?
Try this: 

  • Hug someone you care about  
  • While in the embrace, start laughing "hahahahahaha" 
  • Soon both of you are laughing spontaneously LOL LOL LOL  ;o)
  • Notice how much better you feel! Magical ;o)

Mama Kath :) after talking to you on the phone a few days ago, I tried it (laughter yoga) with my hubby, he thought I was crazy at first but it helped us so much, We haven't had a single argument since then! (AMAZING!!!) Thank you!!!   OneWish

When you laugh, you: 

  •   exercise the muscles in your face; 
  •   exercise your heart; 
  •   exercise your lungs; 
  •   exercise your abdominal; 
  •   empty stale air out of your lungs (thus inhaling fresh); and 
  •   release the "feel good" hormone (endorphins).

So what do you think? 
Could one good belly laugh a day,
 keep your doctor away? 

Let's look at more benefits of laughing.  

  •  Your mind goes to a happy place; 
  •   emotions rise up; 
  •   worries disappear; and 
  •   outlook becomes brighter. 

Let's assume you ARE the captain of your ship, 
do you think you can steer your thoughts? 

Next time you find yourself in a dark place, 
give yourself a "fixed" amount of time to "stew"

then let yourself go

I've heard it said, laughter produces natural painkillers and can derail muscle spasm. Hmmm if this really works, we should offer "comedy" classes in our grade schools. 

Happy children beget happy adults. 

A friend of mine is a "Laughter Yoga Coach". 
When we see each other (while hugging hello), we laugh in each other's ear. 
Laughing is contagious and it begets more's nice!

Start a diary. Identify what triggers laughter and laugh more! 
If you want help write to me: Email Mama

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